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NEW FOR 2015

  • Creme Cycles Molly £499.99

    *Price shown relates to basic model, higher specced models available*

    So you love the dutch bike style but would prefer a slightly smaller bike that is easier to carry up and down, stairs? This is where our brand new Molly comes in. The use of 26” wheels results in less weight and a more compact overall package.

    And with the unmistakable Creme style and a sweet price this girl is bound to be a star.

  • The Roodog Chic is a very stylish, good looking, easy and comfortable to ride step through city bike and looks stunning with a wicker basket or a pannier bag. It comes in beautiful vintage pearl white or simply glossy black.

  • The electric bike’s answer to a touring bike, the Galvani opens up an almost inconceivably wide range of journey choices. Designed to perform on nearly every type of terrain, the Galvani is just as happy (and looks just as good) gliding down a smart city street as it does burning up gravel roads.

    The Galvani’s retro Dutch design encourages a more impressive rider performance, and therefore offers a greater range. The perfect partner as you explore even longer and more exciting new journeys, the Galvani has a maximum speed of 25km/h (15.5mph) and a range of up to 90km (56 miles)*.

    * Dependant on power setting, rider and riding conditions.

  • *Price is inclusive of VAT (exemptions may apply) and relates to basic model, higher specced models available*

    The new PINO PORTER is the first-ever tandem that doubles as a shopping and cargo bike for everyday use. In addition, we're offering all PORTER accessories separately so that owners of other PINO models can also enjoy the advantages of the PINO PORTER. The PORTER BAG is also compatible with older PINO models.

    Half recumbent, half upright tandem, on the whole, an unbeatable concept: the PINO is one of the most versatile shared mobility options for duos or trios. The captain in the second row has the same unhindered view as the stoker, and the tandem is incredibly adjustable, making it possible for passengers who (still) can't pedal to sit on the comfortable front seat: for example, children from 3'3″ (100 cm) in height (with optional Children's Crankset) or people with special needs.

    Front-seat riders have an even more comfortable sitting position than the helmsman. They can lean back and enjoy the panorama at their feet, with the suspension fork beneath them ironing out any potholes. And, thanks to the second freewheel, they can even take a break and let the captain pedal alone for a while.

  • Offering stylish, upright comfort, the popular Hybrid/ 24 was the first ebike to offer the security and peace of mind of the Electronic Key anti-theft system, powered by its innovative power management system. The model’s 24” wheels also ensure maximum manoeuvring agility.

    The Hybrid/ 24’s intelligent CAN bus technology optimises communication between the individual electric components of the bike, ensuring you always enjoy the best possible riding experience. The Hybrid/ 24 offers a range of up to 70km (40 miles) with a top speed of 25km/h (15.5mph).*

    * Dependant on power setting, rider and riding conditions.

  • *Price is inclusive of VAT (exemptions may apply) and relates to basic model, higher specced models available*

    Take a seat and enjoy the ride. With the LEPUS, this is possible – even for people who have never spent much time on a bike or trike. Who are simply looking for a practical option for self-propelled mobility – or a way to become mobile again.

    It all begins with the lowered front boom for easy mounting: just sink into the comfortable mesh seat, which can be adjusted to a height of 20″ to 28″ (50-70 cm) and offers superb visibility in traffic.

    You will enjoy riding with excellent stability - far surpassing that of conventional rehab trikes – and gliding down the road on a pillow of soft suspension. Or just leaning back in your seat at the stoplight without having to dismount.

    Whether you’re travelling to an event, the office, or the supermarket: behind the seat is enough space for everything – and in the voluminous, waterproof bag (accessory), your supplies will make it from A to B without getting wet.

    Comfort, low maintenance, and user-friendliness are also qualities of the gear system: with the 8-speed, smooth-running Shimano Nexus Premium hub, you can change gears in any ­situation – with a click of the easy-to-use twist shifter. And the robust Avid disc brakes ensure that the sedan will come to a safe halt at your command.

    And when the wanderlust hits: with a few twists and turns, your LEPUS can be folded into an easily transportable unit that fits into practically any compact car.

  • *Price to be confirmed.*

    There will be only one production run of the Vinyl 5050. It features a lugged, full cromoly frame with Tange seat lug and dropouts and a cromoly fork with a beautiful lost wax crown. To keep the weight low the frame is built using cromoly tubes. The bike runs on sealed bearing hubs and is powered by classy cold forged cranks. Tasty Dia Compe stainless steel cable guides are included so that you can have elegant routing when using brakes, or you can remove them and leave the frame completely clean when the bike is being used brakeless. This limited edition bike is equipped with a Brooks Cambium saddle, very high profile rims and comes in an unmistakable finish which includes a leather wrapped top tube.

  • *Price shown relates to basic model, higher specced models available*

    The Caferacer commuter bike's design is influenced by hand built porteur bicycles of the 50's and 60's. The semi-upright position will give you a perfect balance between comfort and speed, whilst the front rack will be ideal for carrying your groceries, laptop or just about anything else that you need to take with you. But take note that the Caferacer is not only practical but also exceptionally beautiful. Look closer at the paint job and the finish of the parts.

    You will find some rare features not commonly found in todays bicycles, like hand polished rims and a lugged frame and fork, making this machine a treat for bike connoisseurs. However, you don't have to be a bicycle mechanic to ride this bike every day – there are no external dérailleurs, no adjustment knobs, and all Caferacers feature very clean cable routing. All this will give you a classic looking bicycle that is a pleasure to use every day.

    The Caferacer comes in 2 price levels, as 3-speed or 7-speed, with men's or ladies frames , each in 3 sizes.


  • This product has been specifically developed for adults who love to ride but with age start losing a bit of confidence on their bicycles due to loss of balance and stabilization and this especially at slow cornering speeds. Much smaller, less heavy and easier to maneuver than a tri-cycle, the rider keeps his already learned position when riding. Nothing comes closer to the actual way of riding a bicycle when having to have some type of support.
    Our Adult Stabilizer wheels Kit includes now the quick release coil allowing for optimal transportability while fitting in narrow spaces.

    Not to mention less expensive because they keep their existing bicycle, easy to install on most bicycles and works great. This product can also be utilized in the fields of re-habilitation as well as for the handicapped. This product is patented and certified to EN and JIS standards.
    Product comes in one model adaptable to 24″, 26″ and 28″ inch wheelbase bicycles and two colors, ED-Black and CP-Chrome.


The Quest88 Cycling Hub is Shropshire’s first Specialist Bike Shop. The Hub provides a wide range of Electric Bikes, Creme Cycles, Adaptive Cycles, Outdoor Clothing and other cycling-related accessories. As well as being a shop, we also actively promote local community through scheduled rides and advice sessions, based inside of the vibrant town of Shrewsbury.

At the Cycling Hub we believe anyone can and should enjoy the experience and benefits of cycling, be it on a regular bicycle, e-bike or adaptive cycle. So whether you’re a hardened road cyclist, haven’t been on a bike since childhood or have specific needs to get you cycling, we’re here to support you any way we can.


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The Quest88 Cycling Hub is Shropshire's first Specialist Bike Shop. The Hub provides a wide range of power assisted cycles, cycling accessories and clothing whilst always promoting local community through cycling and inclusive sport.