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NEW FOR 2015

  • *Price is inclusive of VAT (exemptions may apply) and relates to basic model, higher specced models available*

    Playgrounds always have a fence or a wall. The TRETS has no such borders: and children of all ages are welcome. With the infant carrier, even the tiniest passengers can sit safely in the TRETS Jogger, Buggy, or Trailer. Later, from a height of about 3'3″ (100 cm), they can pedal along – or even zoom around the block on their own three wheels. And the fun goes on until about 4'11″ (1.50 m).

    But with truly functional versatility, it all comes down to details. Like adaptability: the handlebar length can be adjusted to the arms of the young pilot, and in the Buggy or Jogger version, it doubles as a push bar with fully functional brakes.

    Or transportability: just pop off the front wheel and steering column, fold down the seat back – and the TRETS fits easily into any trunk. Because you'll never want to leave the trike at home! And usability: young TRETS pilots shift like the pros. The seven-speed SRAM gear system turns the trike into a turbo – and the twist shifter makes shifting as easy as do-re-mi.

    And last but not least: whether hitched or freestyle, the TRETS' low centre of gravity and ingenious geometry make it so safe to ride that every young adventurer will feel secure on the adjustable mesh seat.

  • *Price is inclusive of VAT (exemptions may apply) and relates to basic model, higher specced models available*

    Mobility is one thing. Being able to get everywhere you need to go and have fun on the way is another. This is what differentiates HASE BIKES HANDBIKES from wheelchairs with attachable handcycles. And our HANDBIKES offer practically all the same qualities as their sister models KETTWIESEL, LEPUS, and PINO: comfort, manoeuvrability, and safety, along with mobility at reasonable speeds. After all, being there is what counts.

    But trike genes give the HANDBIKE a whole lot more: for example, an ingenious geometry and countless sophisticated details, like the hand crank assembly, which can be folded forward for especially easy mounting and dismounting.

    Or the Schlumpf internally geared crankset, which transforms the nine-speed Shimano gear system into a transmission with 18 gears, making the mountains “barrier-free”. Or choose the 14-speed universal shifting whiz Rohloff Speedhub. For braking, the ­powerful hydraulic Tektro disc brakes get the job done. And of course, even when changing gears, both hands stay where they belong: firmly on the handles.

  • *Price is inclusive of VAT (exemptions may apply) and relates to basic model, higher specced models available*

    Take a seat and enjoy the ride. With the LEPUS, this is possible – even for people who have never spent much time on a bike or trike. Who are simply looking for a practical option for self-propelled mobility – or a way to become mobile again.

    It all begins with the lowered front boom for easy mounting: just sink into the comfortable mesh seat, which can be adjusted to a height of 20″ to 28″ (50-70 cm) and offers superb visibility in traffic.

    You will enjoy riding with excellent stability - far surpassing that of conventional rehab trikes – and gliding down the road on a pillow of soft suspension. Or just leaning back in your seat at the stoplight without having to dismount.

    Whether you’re travelling to an event, the office, or the supermarket: behind the seat is enough space for everything – and in the voluminous, waterproof bag (accessory), your supplies will make it from A to B without getting wet.

    Comfort, low maintenance, and user-friendliness are also qualities of the gear system: with the 8-speed, smooth-running Shimano Nexus Premium hub, you can change gears in any ­situation – with a click of the easy-to-use twist shifter. And the robust Avid disc brakes ensure that the sedan will come to a safe halt at your command.

    And when the wanderlust hits: with a few twists and turns, your LEPUS can be folded into an easily transportable unit that fits into practically any compact car.

  • The electric bike’s answer to a touring bike, the Galvani offers the comfort of a female frame with the style and execution of a sports bike. Designed to perform on nearly every type of terrain, the Galvani is just as happy (and looks just as good) gliding down a smart city street as it does burning up gravel roads.

    With a classic forward seating position, the Galvani encourages a more impressive rider performance, and therefore offers a greater range. Specially designed for female riders, this model is perfect for exploring longer even longer and more exciting new journeys with a maximum speed of 25km/h (15.5mph) and a range of up to 90km (56 miles)*.

    * Dependant on power setting, rider and riding conditions.

  • Offering stylish, upright comfort, the popular Hybrid/ 24 was the first ebike to offer the security and peace of mind of the Electronic Key anti-theft system, powered by its innovative power management system. The model’s 24” wheels also ensure maximum manoeuvring agility.

    The Hybrid/ 24’s intelligent CAN bus technology optimises communication between the individual electric components of the bike, ensuring you always enjoy the best possible riding experience. The Hybrid/ 24 offers a range of up to 70km (40 miles) with a top speed of 25km/h (15.5mph).*

    * Dependant on power setting, rider and riding conditions.

  • The Roodog Chic is a very stylish, good looking, easy and comfortable to ride step through city bike and looks stunning with a wicker basket or a pannier bag. It comes in beautiful vintage pearl white or simply glossy black.

  • *Price shown relates to basic model, higher specced models available*

    There will be only one production run of the Caferacer Man Grey bicycle. It's built around a beautiful lugged steel frame making it a real pearl in the world full of fat tubed aluminium bikes. The understated and sophisticated style is enhanced by the unique grey paint with turquoise particles. The Brooks leather saddle and matching Brooks Slender grips will give you years of comfortable riding and the maintenance – free 7 speed internal gear hub will make traveling easy in any kind of terrain.

  • *Price shown relates to basic model, higher specced models available*

    Creme Lungo – a beautiful touring bicycle that will be your best companion on the epic tour that you have always been dreaming of. A tour that will bring you wonderful experiences that will be remembered years to come. But don't save the Lungo for special occasions only! It will be your best friend on everyday errands, on your ride to work or any other trip that you wish to make.

    The fully lugged cromoly steel frame is the perfect base for this kind of bicycle, being lightweight, comfortable and extremely resistant to fatigue. It's ready to be fitted with racks and haul heavy loads across any distance.


  • This product has been specifically developed for adults who love to ride but with age start losing a bit of confidence on their bicycles due to loss of balance and stabilization and this especially at slow cornering speeds. Much smaller, less heavy and easier to maneuver than a tri-cycle, the rider keeps his already learned position when riding. Nothing comes closer to the actual way of riding a bicycle when having to have some type of support.
    Our Adult Stabilizer wheels Kit includes now the quick release coil allowing for optimal transportability while fitting in narrow spaces.

    Not to mention less expensive because they keep their existing bicycle, easy to install on most bicycles and works great. This product can also be utilized in the fields of re-habilitation as well as for the handicapped. This product is patented and certified to EN and JIS standards.
    Product comes in one model adaptable to 24″, 26″ and 28″ inch wheelbase bicycles and two colors, ED-Black and CP-Chrome.


The Quest88 Cycling Hub is Shropshire’s first Specialist Bike Shop. The Hub provides a wide range of Electric Bikes, Creme Cycles, Adaptive Cycles, Outdoor Clothing and other cycling-related accessories. As well as being a shop, we also actively promote local community through scheduled rides and advice sessions, based inside of the vibrant town of Shrewsbury.

At the Cycling Hub we believe anyone can and should enjoy the experience and benefits of cycling, be it on a regular bicycle, e-bike or adaptive cycle. So whether you’re a hardened road cyclist, haven’t been on a bike since childhood or have specific needs to get you cycling, we’re here to support you any way we can.


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About the Hub

The Quest88 Cycling Hub is Shropshire's first Specialist Bike Shop. The Hub provides a wide range of power assisted cycles, cycling accessories and clothing whilst always promoting local community through cycling and inclusive sport.