Shropshire's very own Specialist Bike Shop...

The Quest88 Cycling Hub is Shropshire’s first Specialist Bike Shop. The Hub provides a wide range of Electric Bikes, Creme Cycles, Adaptive Cycles, Keela Outdoor Clothing and other cycling-related accessories. As well as being a shop, we also actively promote local community through scheduled rides and advice sessions, based inside the vibrant town of Shrewsbury.

At the Cycling Hub we believe anyone can and should enjoy the experience and benefits of cycling, be it on a regular bicycle, e-bike or adaptive cycle. So whether you’re a hardened road cyclist, haven’t been on a bike since childhood or have specific needs to get you cycling, we’re here to support you any way we can.



From Trikes to Bikes...

The Cycling Hub is very much a new and local venture, but Quest 88 has existed as a thriving business for over 27 years – designing, manufacturing and sourcing activity based therapy and mobility equipment across the UK, Europe and, occasionally, Worldwide.

The Chairman Jeremy Henshaw FBIST started the business in 1988 alongside his regular orthotics surgeries in Shropshire. It all started with importing a revolutionary children’s walking aid, but quickly progressed onto the design and manufacture of Quest 88’s own tricycles for disabled children. Since then the company has rapidly grown and covers a wide range of therapy equipment and adaptive cycling products, with product specialists based all around the United Kingdom. The business operates on a personal assessment and demonstration basis, and has always been driven to suit each product to the individual customer’s needs, whether the customer is at home, school, a child development unit or an activity centre.

“It’s time we created a destination, a place customers can feel welcome to explore our products on their own accord” – Robert Henshaw

A keen cyclist himself, Jeremy’s son Robert Henshaw (Managing Director of Quest 88) has watched the Electric Bike market closely over the past ten years and has seen the technology behind them drastically improve. 2014 saw the year where Robert finally felt that certain e-bike manufacturers could offer quality products that were reliable and effective to use. After Quest 88’s support of Simon Lord’s charity EMpowered People, and experiencing the impact and enjoyment e-bikes brought to people whilst on the charity’s supported rides, it was then he realised that he would feel proud to add them to Quest 88’s strong lineup of products. This is where the Quest 88 Cycling Hub began.

Meet The Team

Nick Rose

With a wider knowledge of all of Quest’s products, Nick is our in-house technician. Outside of work, Nick has a heart to see anyone who wants to cycle meet their goals and often participates in charity events as a support rider.

Nicky Henshaw

Nicky has many years of experience in customer services, and after cycling for only a year, her knowledge has grown significantly, but allows her to meet customers at a place of understanding of what it’s like to be fresh on the saddle.

Robert Henshaw

After many years within the industry and having the vision of what has become the Cycling Hub a few years ago, Rob is proud to oversee and lend his knowledge and experience to what is truly becoming an ALL ability cycling shop.

Martin Griffiths

He does things. (Website currently being edited)

Quest88 | Cycling Hub

Quest 88 Cycling Hub,
1, St Julian's Friars ,
Shrewsbury, Shropshire,

p: 01743 363 512

About the Hub

The Quest88 Cycling Hub is Shropshire's first Specialist Bike Shop. The Hub provides a wide range of power assisted cycles, cycling accessories and clothing whilst always promoting local community through cycling and inclusive sport.