Changing our Lepus Demonstrator

Really impressed with the versatility of the Hase Lepus over the last few weeks. It’s so easy to ride, easy to access and our accessory box from Hase gives us lots of versatility for achieving support of calves and feet.


Until last weekend I had thought that riders with MS generally struggled with a more horizontal pedalling action and extended leg position but like most things, it seems it’s down to the individual. So shouldn’t have pigeonholed or categorised.  This client soon found her confidence and found the bike a world apart from her previous riding on a Diblasi folding trike. Our demonstrator did have a Rohloff hub and an oversize 52T chain wheel. It was perfect! The Protanium motor was fine too.

Because of the price of Rohloff, we have decided to spec-up the new demonstrator with a Nexus hub – this time with a Heinzmann motor as Hase phase out the Protanium units.

It will be interesting to compare it on our undulating cycle path between Pontesbury and Minsterley.

Our 2015 Launch

Our launch days were fantastic – so many people came to celebrate with us- despite the awful weather.

Madam Mayor was a star, staying with us for almost 3 hours and trying out a large variety of cycles. The head of the parish council Mr John Pritchard joined us too and said some wonderful things about our new venture – many thanks to both.


As the Friday of the launch coincided with Comic Relief we decided that our prize draw should be on a ‘donation per entry’ basis and so we managed to raise over £185.00 and without a red nose in sight. Our winner Ruby Hartshorn was delighted at the news that she had won our A2B Kuo folding electric bike.


Chris, Emily and Steve all came across the two days to help us from A2B electric bikes. We’re so pleased that they did, aside from their terrific company and wealth of knowledge they had they also brought their A2B gazebo which was soooo needed.

We had a beautiful display of Brooks products, with many additional items brought in by Mark Needham from Brooks England. Their iconic B17 saddles were vary tempting as was their Cambium range. All Brooks products are made with such heritage, quality and eye to detail we feel proud to be a stockist.

Linda from Llynclys Hall provided thought out with lots of steaming hot tea and coffee which was very welcome on such chilly days.

The food Katya supplied kept consistent smiles on all who ate over both days. Her Yorkshires filled with Stroganoff or cheesy broccoli were delicious. Fortunately our over ordering meant we carried on enjoying her bread pudding, brownies and flap jacks the following week!!!


Our photographer for the day was our very own Tom Henshaw from Filmgrade whose love of all things ‘bike’ has encouraged him to accept a position working for us on a part-time basis. He is currently working on this very website as well as helping us with all our social media.

All of our visitors were an absolute pleasure with the guys from Disability Network Shropshire, Ray Hughes, Jean Breakell, Malcolm Racey, The Berry family, Rashmi and Mark Barker, Brian Fisher and the crew from Pontesbury’s Congregational Church to name but a few- Thank you so much fir taking the time to come and celebrate with us.

So to round this post up we all had a fantastic time, met some more-than-lovely people, ate and drank maybe a little too much but celebrated our launch in Quest’s typical friendly and relaxed manner and put The Hub firmly on the map. Thank you to all who came to be a part of our launch, and we hope to see you again soon!